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Adam FinkelsteinA𝛿: Autodiff for Discontinuous Programs – Applied to Shaders2022
Audio Similarity is Unreliable as a Proxy for Audio Quality2022
Controllable Speech Representation Learning via Voice Conversion and AIC Loss2022
Learning from Shader Program Traces2022
SQAPP: No-Reference Speech Quality Assessment via Pairwise Preference2022
Bandwidth Extension is All You Need2021
CDPAM: Contrastive learning for perceptual audio similarity2021
HiFi-GAN-2: Studio-quality Speech Enhancement via Generative Adversarial Networks Conditioned on Acoustic Features2021
A Differentiable Perceptual Audio Metric Learned from Just Noticeable Differences2020
Acoustic Matching by Embedding Impulse Responses2020
Editing Self-Image2020
HiFi-GAN: High-Fidelity Denoising and Dereverberation Based on Speech Deep Features in Adversarial Networks2020
Pose2Pose: Pose Selection and Transfer for 2D Character Animation2020
High-Precision Localization Using Ground Texture2019
Learning Bandwidth Expansion Using Perceptually-Motivated Loss2019
Perceptually-motivated Environment-specific Speech Enhancement2019
Text-based Editing of Talking-head Video2019
A Mixed-Initiative Interface for Animating Static Pictures2018
FFTNet: a Real-Time Speaker-Dependent Neural Vocoder2018
PairedCycleGAN: Asymmetric Style Transfer for Applying and Removing Makeup2018
Secondary Motion for Performed 2D Animation2017
Simulating Strategy and Dexterity for Puzzle Games2017
Triggering Artwork Swaps for Live Animation2017
VoCo: Text-based Insertion and Replacement in Audio Narration2017
Automatic Triage for a Photo Series2016
CUTE: a Concatenative Method for Voice Conversion Using Exemplar-based Unit Selection2016
Perspective-aware Manipulation of Portrait Photos2016
Finding Distractors In Images2015
IsoMatch: Creating Informative Grid Layouts2015
MalLo: A Distributed, Synchronized Instrumentfor Internet Music Performance2015
Palette-based Photo Recoloring2015
TurkerGaze: Crowdsourcing Saliency with Webcam based Eye Tracking2015
AudioQuilt: 2D Arrangements of Audio Samples using Metric Learning and Kernelized Sorting2014
DecoBrush: Drawing Structured Decorative Patterns by Example2014
Painting with Triangles2014
RealPigment: Paint Compositing by Example2014
Stylized Keyframe Animation of Fluid Simulations2014
A No-Reference Metric for Evaluating the Quality of Motion Deblurring2013
RealBrush: Painting with Examples of Physical Media2013
Active Strokes: Coherent Line Stylization for Animated 3D Models2012
HelpingHand: Example-based Stroke Stylization2012
Pixelated Image Abstraction2012
Where Do People Draw Lines?2012
Perceptual models of viewpoint preference2011
The PatchMatch Randomized Matching Algorithm for Image Manipulation2011
Interactive Painterly Stylization of Images, Videos and 3D Animations2010
Self-Similar Texture for Coherent Line Stylization2010
Sketcha: A Captcha Based on Line Drawings of 3D Models2010
The Generalized PatchMatch Correspondence Algorithm2010
Two Fast Methods for High-Quality Line Visibility2010
Video Tapestries with Continuous Temporal Zoom2010
Fast High-Quality Line Visibility2009
Fingerprinting Blank Paper Using Commodity Scanners2009
How Well Do Line Drawings Depict Shape?2009
PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing2009
Adaptive Cutaways for Comprehensible Rendering of Polygonal Scenes2008
Partial Visibility for Stylized Lines2008
Video Puppetry: A Performative Interface for Cutout Animation2008
Where Do People Draw Lines?2008
Digital Bas-Relief from 3D Scenes2007
Illustration of Complex Real-World Objects using Images with Normals2007
Lighting with Paint2007
Stylized Shadows2007
Directing Gaze in 3D Models with Stylized Focus2006
Line Drawings from Volume Data2005
Tools and Applications for Large-Scale Display Walls2005
Interactive Rendering of Suggestive Contours with Temporal Coherence2004
Coherent Stylized Silhouettes2003
Suggestive Contours for Conveying Shape2003
A Framework for Geometric Warps and Deformations2002
A Reflective Symmetry Descriptor2002
Fine Tone Control in Hardware Hatching2002
Improving Progressive View-dependent Isosurface Propagation2002
Stylized Video Cubes2002
Video Mosaics2002
WYSIWYG NPR: Drawing Strokes Directly on 3D Models2002
Data distribution strategies for high-resolution displays2001
Progressive View-Dependent Isosurface Propagation2001
Real-Time Fur over Arbitrary Surfaces2001
Real-Time Hatching2001
Automatic alignment of high-resolution multi-projector displays using an uncalibrated camera2000
Building and Using A Scalable Display Wall System2000
Lapped Textures2000
Non-Photorealistic Virtual Environments2000
Performance-Driven Hand-Drawn Animation2000
Shadows for Cel Animation2000
Robust Mesh Watermarking1999
Texture Mapping for Cel Animation1998
Multiperspective Panoramas for Cel Animation1997
Multiresolution Video1996
Fast Multiresolution Image Querying1995
Multiresolution Curves1994