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Multiresolution Video

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96, August 1996

Adam Finkelstein, Charles E. Jacobs, David H. Salesin

We present a new representation for time-varying image data that allows for varying - and arbitrarily high - spatial and temporal resolutions in different parts of a video sequence. The representation, called "multiresolution video," is based on a sparse, hierarchical encoding of the video data. We describe a number of operations for creating, viewing, and editing multiresolution sequences. These operations support a variety of applications: multiresolution playback, including motion-blurred "fast-forward" and "reverse" constant- speed display; enhanced video scrubbing; and "video clip-art" editing and compositing. The multiresolution representation requires little storage overhead, and the algorithms using the representation are both simple and efficient.

Adam Finkelstein, Charles E. Jacobs, and David H. Salesin.
"Multiresolution Video."
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 96, pp. 281-290, August 1996.


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