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Multiresolution Mesh Morphing

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99, August 1999

Aaron Lee, David Dobkin,
Wim Sweldens, Peter Schröder

We present a new method for user controlled morphing of two homeomorphic triangle meshes of arbitrary topology. In particular we focus on the problem of establishing a correspondence map between source and target meshes. Our method employs the MAPS algorithm to parameterize both meshes over simple base domains and an additional harmonic map bringing the latter into correspondence. To control the mapping the user specifies any number of feature pairs, which control the parameterizations produced by the MAPS algorithm. Additional controls are provided through a direct manipulation interface allowing the user to tune the mapping between the base domains. We give several examples of aesthetically pleasing morphs which can be created in this manner with little user input. Additionally we demonstrate examples of temporal and spatial control over the morph.

Aaron Lee, David Dobkin, Wim Sweldens, and Peter Schröder.
"Multiresolution Mesh Morphing."
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 99, pp. 343-350, August 1999.


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