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Multiperspective Panoramas for Cel Animation

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 97, August 1997

Daniel N. Wood, Adam Finkelstein, John F. Hughes,
Craig E. Thayer, David H. Salesin

We describe a new approach for simulating apparent camera motion through a 3D environment. The approach is motivated by a traditional technique used in 2D cel animation, in which a single background image, which we call a multiperspective panorama,is used to incorporate multiple views of a 3D environment as seen from along a given camera path. When viewed through a small moving window, the panorama produces the illusion of 3D motion. In this paper, we explore how such panoramas can be designed by computer, and we examine their application to cel animation in particular. Multiperspective panoramas should also be useful for any application in which predefined camera moves are applied to 3D scenes, including virtual reality fly-throughs, computer games, and architectural walk-throughs.

Daniel N. Wood, Adam Finkelstein, John F. Hughes, Craig E. Thayer, and David H. Salesin.
"Multiperspective Panoramas for Cel Animation."
Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 97, pp. 243-250, August 1997.


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